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No campfire needed for these S'mores Cookie Cups! Graham cracker cookie cups filled with a Hershey's milk chocolate ganache, topped with toasted homemade marshmallow fluff. |

Cookie Cup Recipes

What, you may ask, is a cookie cup? It's a delectable cross between a cookie and a tart! Each one starts with a delicious cookie tart base filled with something lush and decadent like cheesecake, caramel, custard, or chocolate.

Here you'll find all of my best cookie cup recipes. The most popular (and my personal favorite) are the S'mores Cookie Cups. These delightful little bites have a chocolate ganache filling topped with toasted marshmallow fluff in a graham cracker cookie shell. My second favourite? The Apple Crisp Cookie Cups that use my very popular Oatmeal Cookie base filled with homemade apple pie filling.

There's loads more to choose from. They're so fun to make (and eat). Scrap cupcake day at school and deliver a couple dozen of these treats instead!

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